April 15-18, 2019 | Red Feather Lakes, CO

We’re thrilled to announce that registration is open for the 2019 donothing® Leadership Retreat!  The retreat will take place at the pristine Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado from April 15-18.

What past retreat attendees are saying:

About the Retreat

The donothing Leadership Retreat presents business leaders and entrepreneurs with the most rewarding leadership challenge you’ll ever take. We invite you to join us both to learn and practice how meditation can benefit you as a leader and personally. 

The purpose of this unique leadership experience is to help you cultivate a deeper mindfulness practice. Every detail is tailored to inspire: the majestic environment of Shambhala Mountain Center nestled high in the Colorado Rockies, senior meditation experts to thoughtfully guide your technique, and a supportive community of like-minded leaders to connect with.

Have you been looking for an opportunity to get on track with or deepen your meditation practice? We designed this experience with you in mind.

We invite you to join us and enjoy:

  • Four days unplugged—yes, this is a highlight!
  • Learning mindfulness techniques from a senior meditation facilitator
  • Connecting with other like-minded leaders
  • Discovering how to bring mindfulness into your leadership and your life
  • Soaking in the surroundings’ inspiring energy
  • Enjoying delicious local cuisine prepared on-site by the Mountain Center’s chef
  • Private accommodations

Why Attend?

The donothing leadership retreat is the most rewarding leadership challenge you’ll ever take. I’ve identified five key benefits of the retreat experience that will take you to new levels of success as a leader and in business.

  1. Increase productivity: The donothing leadership retreat will help open your mind and allow ideas to start flowing in. Although you won’t be writing them down, the best ones rise to the top, and, by the end of the retreat, you’re likely to have had some real breakthroughs.
  2. Increase efficiency: By cultivating a deeper mindfulness practice, you will return to your daily life with a new ability to train your attention and give your full, complete presence to the task at hand.
  3. Let go of fear: Whether you realize it or not, many of the decisions or non-decisions you make in business may be based in a deep-rooted fear. It could be a fear of failing or of being outside of your comfort zone. The donothing retreat is designed to guide your technique and help you develop a meditation practice that will allow you to become a more authentic, vulnerable leader.
  4. Rejuvenate your mind and body: Do you feel busy all the time even when you’re on a “vacation”? The donothing retreat experience will allow for your mind and body to truly rest and rejuvenate. As a result, you’ll learn to be more present and to notice things on a deeper level, no matter where you are at any given moment.
  5. Gain new perspective: Imagine having the time to quiet your mind and bring yourself back to now. The donothing leadership retreat will give you new perspective on what really matters — the present moment. By learning how to bring mindfulness into your leadership and your life, you’ll return home with new perspective on what’s important and what isn’t.

What to Expect

Day 1: You’ll arrive and settle in, and we’ll gather to set the stage for our time together. We’ll introduce ourselves, enjoy dinner, have a short wisdom talk, and meditate.

Day 2: We’ll start the day with instruction and meditation, followed by breakfast and connecting. After lunch, we’ll settle into silence. Our afternoon will include instruction, walking and stretching practice, meditation, and wisdom talks.

Day 3: The day will begin with instruction, meditation, and breakfast. After a period of sitting, walking, and stretching practice, there will be lunch and time to relax. Our afternoon will consist of instruction, small break-out groups for questions, meditation, and wisdom talks.

Day 4: Our last day begins with instruction, meditation, and breakfast. We’ll slowly come out of silence in the morning, followed by a group share. We’ll enjoy a final lunch together before departing.


The donothing Leadership Retreat will be held at the pristine Shambhala Mountain Center, a sprawling 600-acre mountain-valley retreat nestled in the Colorado Rockies. The grounds are inspiring and serene, surrounded by the natural beauty of aspen and pine forests, rocky peaks, and blue skies.

The accommodations are modern and comfortable, including daily meals prepared by an on-site chef. The Shambhala Mountain Center is located outside Fort Collins, two hours from Denver International Airport.

Janet Solyntjes, MA | Teacher

Janet Solyntjes, MA, is a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and serves on the faculty of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts. She is also on the faculty of the Engaged Mindfulness Institute and a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

Janet has offered MBSR courses in Colorado since 2000 and has been leading mindfulness meditation retreats in the U.S. and internationally for over 20 years. She is co-founder of the Boulder-based Center for Courageous Living, a small business committed to promoting the inherent goodness of individuals and groups through a variety of supportive services, programs, and retreats. She is committed to bringing mindfulness practice into business and to businesspeople.

Rob Dube | Founder

Rob Dube is president and co-founder of imageOne, which was included in Forbes’ 2017 ranking of “Small Giants: America’s Best Small Companies.” Throughout Rob’s 27 years’ business experience, he has developed an unwavering passion for delivering extraordinary experiences that positively impact the lives of his team members, customer goals, and the fabric of the community: a unique approach to business that has driven the company to industry success and recognition as a top workplace.

Rob is also the author of the book donothing: the most rewarding leadership challenge you will ever take, and founder of the donothing Leadership Silent Retreat. As an author and speaker, Rob challenges business leaders to donothing, sharing lessons learned from more than 13 years of a daily meditation practice and silent meditation retreats. As a writer, he also contributes to ForbesThrive Global, and EO Octane.